Skill Courses


1 Demonstrate &represent the use of AutoCAD in different branch of engineering
2 Auto CAD Fundamentals & Introduction of CAD.
3 Explain about the paper & paper size calculation.
4 Revised the paper size calculation & limits setting.
5 Explain about the project related scale & set the Units
6 Functional keys & Explain about Drawing related tolls & Related toolbars.
7 Explain details  about  draw toolbar & modify toolbar & its utilities in drawing.
8 Object Snapping ,Block , External References ,Layer & Layer controls ,Hatch utilities.
9 Properties, Match properties, Drawing display control, Text hand lining.
10 Dimensioning, Edit Dimension, Dimension Variable, Dimension Style, Basic output.
11 Explain about ADV .Productivity Tools & Printing process.
12 Revised the drawing tolls once again as per the dought of students .
13 Finally take the dought clearing class before start the branch related drawing.
14 From day 14 —- to—-day 30  students are completed the details 2d drawing.
15 Fundamentals of 3D,Explane 3D related tolls & toolbars.
16 Explain about the different related view & isometric view.
17 Setting of 3D display , 3D Surfaces & explane about  Isometric Drawing .
18 Provide the knowledge of  Boolean operation ,Solid modeling Techniques. 
19 Explane about the details solid modeling tools  &  its utilities in 3d drawing.
20 Explain about the modelling tolbar & use of solid tools in 3d drawing.
21 Modeling Toolbar, Revolution of 3D solid,
22 Editing of 3D solid, Helix, 3D Dimensioning, 3d array, 3d move, 3d rotate.
23 Section of 3D solid , Explain about shell, loft, polysolid & 3d align .
24 Discussed about Special materials & its use in 3d solid drawing.
25 Discussed about Special features in Auto CAD.  & once again printing the 3d drawing.
26 From day 41 —- to—-day 50  students are completed the details 3d drawing.